GodSaveQurrns-Carra-Suspender-Front Silk & Lace
GodSaveQueens-Carra-Suspender-Model-Shot-1  Silk & Lace
GodSaveQueens-Carra-Suspender-Model-Shot-2 Silk & Lace
GodSaveQueens-Carra-Suspender-Model-Shot-3 Silk & Lace
GodSaveQueens-Carra-Suspender-Model-Shot-4 Silk & Lace

Carra Suspender


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The Carra Suspender is an accessory that goes perfectly with the Carra Set. The adjustable waist allows for a comfortable fit. Wear it together for the ultimate God Save Queens Look.

  • Adjustable from around 62-84 cm

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